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Hi, my name is Kiley.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my fiancé, Alex, and our two cats, Jojo & Birdie. We are die hard cat lovers and Alex nicknamed me "Killey Kat" a few years ago (like kitty cat) and I always liked it. So, when I was thinking of a name for my rug brand I thought Killey Kat Mats was perfect. ♡

Born in Florida, I also spent years growing up in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. I went to college in NYC at Pace University, where I graduated with a B.S. in Biology with a minor in neuroscience. I graduated in 2019, and when the pandemic began I became unemployed with lots of free time on my hands. During that, I stumbled upon the crafts of punch needling and tufting. I started out with a punch needle with the intent of making things for my own enjoyment, and soon after that I was making custom rugs for friends. Growing from there, I eventually upgraded to using a KD-II cut pile tufting machine which is my preferred tool currently.

Since making my first rug in December of 2021, I've made over 125 tufted art pieces.... from small coasters to 4ft tufted rugs. This year, I hope to focus less on custom requested rugs and more on my own ideas that I want to bring to life.

Art was always my favorite classing growing up through school, and in college I strayed away from it. Its been delightful to get back into my creative side again and I strive to get better and better as I develop my own artistic style.

Thanks for watching and supporting my art!